Why I'm Running for Utah Governor

First and foremost, I’m running to transform Utah’s education system. I’m running because I want to upgrade and consolidate our government. I’m running because I want to give rural Utahns the voice they deserve. And finally, I’m running because politics is fundamentally broken in our country. It has become a competition to tear people down instead of a competition of ideas and bringing people together. — Spencer Cox

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Cox for Governor - Community

We are parents. We are community members. (Abby Cox)

We’re farmers, we’ve lived here for seven generations. (Spencer Cox)

And then one day, out of nowhere, we got a call from the Governor and he asked me if I’d be willing to serve as Lieutenant Governor, and it really rocked us. (Spencer Cox)

But, the big stipulation was that we were going to stay in Fairview, we were going to stay in Sanpete County, which means he drives 200 miles round trip every day. (Abby Cox)

There’s a rootedness here, something very special. (Spencer Cox)

As we’ve been raising our family we’ve noticed there are some really unique things about our state. We connect better, we serve better, we do a lot of things really amazingly. (Abby Cox)

When I became Lt. Gov. it was important that we didn’t change, that we didn’t become something else, and we knew that if we stayed here that would be easier because, quite frankly, people don’t care that I’m the Lt. Gov. and they don’t look at me any differently and - I love that. (Spencer Cox)

Well Fairview is a very special place for me and my family. There’s this sense of being, this sense of community, this sense of belonging - and it’s something that really defined us. (Spencer Cox)

Utah has this community feel to it, no matter where we are. (Abby Cox)

It’s no secret that we have some problems in our country right now. We’re more divided than we’ve ever been at any time since the Civil War and, as we talk about solutions, it really is about all of us looking for ways to better our community. Utah is the place where we do that better than anywhere else, and we have an opportunity to set an example for the rest of the country. (Spencer Cox)

We want everyone to experience that sense of community that we’ve had here. (Abby Cox)

… And so, we’re excited to announce today that we’ve decided to run for Governor of the great state of Utah. (Spencer Cox)

We love this state. This is part of who we are. We’ve raised our children here, we have loved the support that we’ve had and we would love your support on this journey as we move forward together. (Abby Cox)