Issues: Public Lands

From Utah’s spectacular red rock country to the beautiful canyons of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah is blessed with some of the most astounding and breathtaking natural wonders of the world. Utah is proud of its majestic natural resources and should continue to be the premier recreation destination for people around the globe. Public lands are part of what makes Utah different. It’s part of our heritage and part of what makes Utah great.

As someone who farms just outside federal land, Spencer knows that Utahns love and appreciate their public lands more than anyone else. Current federal land policies and processes are often inefficient and dysfunctional. Today’s D.C. based, top-down management approach fails to adequately reflect the views and input of Utahns. Spencer supports a re-examination of public lands policy to ensure Utah’s lands are managed responsibly and that all stakeholders in Utah are considered fairly. As governor, Spencer is committed to keeping Utah’s public lands public and will take steps to empower Utahns to be involved in both the creation and implementation of public lands policies.

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