Issues: Taxes and Efficient Government

Spencer is a fiscal conservative who knows Utah can’t tax its way to prosperity. Taxes need to be as low as possible to fund the services needed for a dynamic, caring, and prosperous society. We need to redesign our state tax code with an emphasis on reducing complexity and avoid picking winners and losers. As governor, Spencer will push for a limited but effective government that spends wisely and avoids overreaching and wasteful spending.

Over the last ten years, Utah has reduced the size of government from one state employee for every 127 Utahns in 2009, to one state employee for every 155 Utahns in 2018–saving Utahns more than $2 billion during this time. As governor, Spencer will continue the same frugal and efficient management of state government.

A new administration is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate and find ways to make state government work even better for Utah taxpayers.

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